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A southern boy who wears Wrangler jeans with an Hermes belt

David Kent Richardson

To be clear, my taste runs far and wide. It’s a real expression of things that I value—some are premium brands, some are not. In the same way, I believe that every thing in a space doesn’t have to have a pedigree. Some things are there just because you love them.

I have embraced my southern roots, and I can appreciate the diverse impact my childhood has had on my work. I’m not afraid to try new things, and I’m committed to helping you curate your own environment.

Objects must have a relationship that makes them work well together, that makes them dance. It’s all about the dance.

You will find that I bring emotion to my work; I put my heart and soul into every project. I want the spaces I design to be gracious, not pretentious. Whether we’re creating a space for hosting a dinner party or lounging in your skivvies, our work together will be nothing short of a reflection of you, I promise.

David Kent Richardson
David Kent Richardson
David Kent Richardson
David Kent Richardson

The Nitty Gritty: How I work

First things first: this is an exciting adventure for all of us. Let’s enjoy it.

My client list is small, and that is intentional. I choose the best, loyal clients, these are the kinds of relationships I want to bring into my life and my work.

Let’s talk about things. I prefer not to sign contracts, I’d rather work with you because we have the same thinking and ideas about your space and life. If we don’t jive, if things need to end, lets talk about it. We can come to mutual terms and peacefully walk away.

I will share my thoughts and ideas with you, and I expect you to do the same. If we aren’t honest with each other, one of us is going to end up unhappy. Let’s not have that. As long as we respect each other, this process will be a whole lot of fun and we will make some amazing spaces in your home. Let’s get started.

Communication is key   |   Honesty is my best friend   |   golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

My Experience

My diverse experience spans a lot of years (no I will not tell you how many!). I have designed interiors for many different types of residences and I love commercial design. I love helping my clients expand and curate their own collections.

  • Awards
  • Best Restaurant Design – St. Louis Magazine A-List Awards 2018
  • Best Decorative Paint Technique – 2018 ADA Awards
  • Best Dining Room – 2018 ADA Awards
  • Best Traditional Home Design — St. Louis at Home Architect & Designer Awards 2016
  • Best Specialty Room — St. Louis at Home Architect & Designer Awards 2016
  • Finalist Restaurant Design: Bar Les Freres — St. Louis at Home Architect & Designer Awards 2016
  • Best Commercial Space — St. Louis at Home Architect & Designer Awards 2014
  • The Most Romantic Restaurant in Missouri: Bar Les Freres — Elle Decor
  • Best of Houzz — 2012